Augmented Reality platform for field
operations productivity improvement

Solution for field operations

  • Maintenance
  • Medical equipment use
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Industrial devices / machinery / tools use
  • Auditing and Technical Inspections
  • Common medical procedures
  • Safety and security processes
  • Product QA monitoring
  • New employees / Contractor on boarding
  • Facility Management
  • Warehouse picking

What does SmartWorkAR® offer?

Live process capture tool

Capture and model any protocol by doing it

Protocols editing

Easy to use web based protocol editor

Rule-based engine

Executes one or more rules that are runtime integrated into an operating system.

Enforce process compliance

Capture evidence of mandatory tasks completion

Data collection

Store in device user data, text, times, dates, locations, data streams, QR and barcode readings, audio, video and photos

Web server open APIs

To feed back to any analytics engine, ERP, LMS, CMS, etc.

AR ready

ARCore, ARKit and MS Mix reality support

Device and protocol handoff

Start a task on one device and let others pick up where you left off, on the same or another device

Cloud based server

On AWS or any other Cloud services provider

Use cases by industry

How does SmartWorkAR® works?


What benefits does SmartWorkAR® bring to its customers?

  • It mitigates trained workforce scarcity
  • It highly improves field workforce productivity
  • It raises the potencial ceiling of any worker productivity
  • It improves quality output by enforcing and monitoring company processes
  • It bridges the productivity gap between human labor vs automated systems

Digital revolution impact

We help you adapt to new business models

Proprietary know-how becomes a company Digital Asset


Enforce process compliance in the field


Fast, easy and secure app deployment without programming


We can delivery fast, affordable on the job training

Multiple device implementation

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